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If you are looking to plan a holiday or are looking to do some work in the garden or plan an outfoor party them Getweather.co.uk is the place to be. Signed up for weather updates on your phone totally free of charge.

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UK weaher trends

We have been collecting weather statistics for the last 20 years and have recently published our weather data.

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UK weather maps

UK weather maps allow us to create the weather forecasts. If you are interested you can have a go yourself.

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Weather Stations

Various forms of weather equipment can be found on land in weather stations. These are places that are carefully picked so that accurate and dependable data are collected. Weather stations are devoid of obstructions that could prevent the wind or cast shadows. They are fenced off so that creatures cannot get in and harm the equipment.

What exactly is a Stevenson screen?

A Stevenson Screen is a very important part of a weather station as it holds the thermometers. The screen is a white box with slatted sides. The light colour shines back the direct sun’s rays while the slats on the sides enable air to pass through freely. The box stands on stilts so that it is easier to read the instruments and the readings cannot be affected by the ground. Accurate temperature and humidity readings can subsequently be taken.

The data collected from weather stations and other places is shown on synoptic (weather) tables. A weather station symbol can be utilised to demonstrate as much information about the weather as possible in a very small diagram.

Reading weather

Reading weather is often taken up as a hobby by many people, similarly to keeping fit, reading or arts and craft.



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