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If you are looking to plan a holiday or are looking to do some work in the garden or plan an outfoor party them Getweather.co.uk is the place to be. Signed up for weather updates on your phone totally free of charge.

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UK weaher trends

We have been collecting weather statistics for the last 20 years and have recently published our weather data.

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UK weather maps

UK weather maps allow us to create the weather forecasts. If you are interested you can have a go yourself.

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Weather affecting sea travel

Weather fronts are where two air streams meet. They can seriously affect people travelling by sea, whether cargo ships or leisure cruises. These air steams have varying temperatures and humidity. The warmer air rises up above the cooler air. The warm air gets bigger and therefore cools as it rises. The water condenses out of the atmosphere, becomes clouds and eventually rain.

Warm Fronts

There are two main types of front. Warm fronts are where warm air "catches up" with colder air. The angle that the warm air rises up at is gentle at the warm front. Clouds are gently formed over a large area and this creates long periods of drizzle.

Cold fronts

At the cold front, the cold air cuts beneath the warm air and forces the warm air up at a much steeper angle. At cold fonts the air cools quickly and becomes a narrow band of thick cumulonimbus clouds. These produce a brief burst of very heavy rain.

Occluded Fronts

Occluded fronts happen when the cold front has caught up with the warm front and pushed the warm air up into the atmosphere. This warm air cools and condenses.
Occluded fronts also make a short period of very heavy rain. This can make conditions very difficult for cargo ships travelling at sea, delivering cars and people’s belongings.





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