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If you are looking to plan a holiday or are looking to do some work in the garden or plan an outfoor party them Getweather.co.uk is the place to be. Signed up for weather updates on your phone totally free of charge.

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UK weaher trends

We have been collecting weather statistics for the last 20 years and have recently published our weather data.

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UK weather maps

UK weather maps allow us to create the weather forecasts. If you are interested you can have a go yourself.

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About Get Weather

This site is all about reporting on weather from reliable sources such as the Met Office.

Modern weather forecasting is based on collating a large amount of data and then swiftly processing this info so that forecasts can be made. The sources of weather information include:

  • Radar - precipitation trends
  • Weather ships
  • Automatic weather buoys
  • Ground Weather Stations, both manned and automatic
  • Aircraft
  • Satellites which indicate cloud patterns and snow cover

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The data is sent to the Meteorological Office in Bracknell where powerful computers process it into more useable and recognisable synoptic graphs. These are interpreted by the meteorologists who offer the forecasts for the public. Weather data is available from a broad range of sources, for example:

  • Telephone
  • Internet e.g. The BBC or the Met Office
  • Television, including teletext
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
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